Plans for 2022 and Beyond…

2022 is going to be an exciting year for the
Online VM Study Group 

The remaining Advanced Clinical Applications Classes (Virtual) will soon be available on the online study group (ACA-CG1 is ready and waiting for you).

If you have already attended the in-person versions of these classes, and you are a Serious or Committed subscriber...well, these are all a part of YOUR online VM study group experience.

ACA-CG2 will launch on (or around) April 30, 2022

ACA-CG3 will launch on (or around) June 30, 2022

ACA-GU will launch on (or around) December 31, 2022

ACA-TCP will launch on (or around) March 31, 2023

Of course...these dates are not carved in stone.

I've been hard at work on my new books; Physiological & Clinical Applications of Visceral Manipulation; Volumes 1-4 (As a Serious or Committed subscriber you will ALWAYS have first access to the books in digital format on The physical books will likely be released in the next few years.)

Compared to my previous book you will notice exciting new information and a vibrant new look and feel...

  • An expanded anatomy section with vibrantly colored images to assist you in your study of anatomy


  • A detailed section on physiology bringing each organ alive in a way that helps you, as a manual therapist understand the profound web of interconnections between all the organs


  • A discussion of embryology in such a way as to enhance your understanding of our primitive beginnings and the relationships between all the organs


  • A useful pathology section focusing on the most common things you, as a manual therapist most likely see in your practice


  • An expanded evaluation & treatment section with brand new colored photos of the techniques being performed

Volume One is ready when you are...

The chapters focusing on the liver, gallbladder, duodenum, small intestines, & colon have been completed and are ready for you to study.

Chapters on the Sphincters, General Evaluation of the Abdominal Organs, Listening, and Additional Techniques will soon follow.

Volume Two with chapters for the kidneys, pancreas, spleen, peritoneum, & greater omentum should be completed on or around December, 2022.

Volume Three with chapters for the pelvic hard frame, bladder, uterus,  ovaries, prostate, rectum & plexus should be completed on or around June, 2023.

Volume Four with chapters for the cervical fascia, thoracic hard frame, thyroid, pericardium, heart, lung, pleura, mediastinum, & plexus should be completed on or around December, 2023.

Other books soon to be released on the online study group...

  • The Historical & Evolutionary Perspectives for the Manual Therapist is soon to be finished. I expect to have this ready for you on or around August, 2022.


  • The Care and Feeding of Your Organs is expected to to be ready for you on or around December, 2023.

Layered Palpations soon to be released on the online study group......

I am also hard at work on new additions to my layered palpations. I will have the Guided Layered Palpation of the Abdominal Organs completed on or around June, 2023.

And last but not least, as requested by many of you, I am working on a Guided Layered Palpation through the Brain. I am hoping to have this completed on or around December, 2022.


And if you have been on the fence about upgrading...this just might be YOUR year.



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  1. Caroline Kaplan04/17/2022

    Just let us know where to click to order volume 1

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