Hello everyone!

Welcome to the new Clinical Rounds

My goal in establishing this exciting new addition to the online VM study group is to help you with integrating visceral manipulation and your clinical practice.
We are each faced with challenging patients every day in our practices. Many of these patients present with various chronic diseases that involve one or more visceral systems. Untangling the complicated knots associated with these connections is challenging but necessary for us to be of the most benefit to our patients. My goal is to help you untangle these knots and gain a deeper, more integrated view of how, with visceral manipulation, you can be of benefit to your patients.
Please be aware that during these clinical rounds, when I refer to a particular technique you will be re-directed to the associated VM study group level. For example, a heart technique will be found in the heart module in the VM4 study group. If you have not had VM4 you will not be given access to that study group.
That being said, with any level of VM training you will be given access to the entire clinical rounds... just not the techniques you have not already received in-class training for. 

Clinical Rounds cover the topics that are front-of-mind for both us and our patients.

Clinical Rounds Mini-Series Topics
  • Immune system/Coronavirus/Visceral Connections (CoV/Viscera).
  • (NEW)-(August 15, 2020) Neuroplasticity of the Gut, Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), & the Role of Visceral Manipulation
  • (Possible Future Topic) The Immune System in a New Viral Age; moving forward with confidence
  • (Possible Future Topic) Autoimmune disease & how manual therapy can make a difference.
  • (Possible Future Topic) Dementia, Alzheimer's disease & the role of visceral manipulation
  • (Possible Future Topic) Cardiovascular disease & the role of visceral manipulation

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