Want to take a HUGE step in your VM1 Studies? 


Introducing the Focused level of subscription! 

As time goes by we naturally tend to forget the details. So, this is the place for your to remember and refine those valuable VM1 skills you spent time and money to learn.
This new subscription level will open a whole new universe of possibilities for your understanding and practice of VM. 



What's included in the Focused level of subscription?
  • All modules for each of the VM1 organs (liver, gallbladder, stomach, duodenum, small intestines, colon).
  • A new chapter on General Evaluation that will help you integrate visceral manipulation into your current manual therapy practice. 
  • A new chapter on Listening that will give you what you need to explain listening to your patients and colleagues. 
  • Access to all the quizzes (if you are so inclined) to help you check your learning and understanding of this amazing work.
  • Access to all updates (including all the layered palpation of abdominal organs, guided tours through the anatomy images, etc.)

As a part of your Focused level of subscription you will have access to the exciting new clinical round;  Water & the Manual Therapist; An Intimate Conversation with Gerald Pollack

Episodes in this clinical round:


As of March, 2024 you will now have, as part of your Focused level of subscription, access to the  clinical round;

Neuroplasticity of the Gut, Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) & the Role of Visceral Manipulation

Episodes in this clinical round:

Oh, one more thing! You will also be able to download your own copy of all of my slides for the SIBO/Gut Clinical Round.

How cool is that!

Of course, if you would like access to all of the Clinical Rounds you may just want to consider upgrading to the Serious or Committed level.