ACA Course Testimonials

What do people think of the ACA Classes?

Ron was inspired when he delivered the course! It was a complete guide of how to treat and why to treat. It brought together all the modules we have studied and compiled the most complete powerful tool that we can use immediately in our clinic with confidence.
– Dr Elizabeth Walker (Sports Chiropractor), Absolute Body-health Solutions, Bentleigh, Melbourne - Australia

Ron’s Advanced Clinical Application courses are amongst the best courses I’ve ever done in my 18 years as an Osteopath. My knowledge of both hands on treatment and nutritional advice, as well as physiology and pathology, increased 10 fold from these courses. I feel that I’m better equipped than ever to be able to help my patients, especially those 5% of trickier cases. I’d highly recommend these courses to anyone who wants to have more options in their treatment 'toolbox'.
– Andrea Robertson, Southside Clinic, Adelaide, Australia

Here is what some Teacher-TAs think of the ACA Classes

"One of our great adventures in life is to learn and one of our great purposes of life is to grow.

Dr. Mariotti has provided both of these opportunities in this new expanded visceral course for common gastrointestinal issues. He provides us with detailed information about the evolution, embryology, pathophysiology, surgical approaches and nutritional options for the stomach, esophagus, liver and gallbladder in this first class of a five part series. He explains the clinical reasoning behind each technique (visceral, neural, vascular, musculoskeletal) and how these techniques serve to balance homeostasis.

Your sensitivity to listening will also be enhanced as you experience more anatomical relationships of these organs... including the brain.

Be excited, be very, very excited....and get ready for an amazing experience in advanced clinical applications of visceral manipulation."

Gail Wetzler, PT, DPT, EDO, BI-D, Director of Curriculum, Barral Institute of Advanced Manual Therapy

As Jean Pierre often says; "It is often not the one big trauma that decompensates us, but rather all the tiny micro movements that occur in the body, all day long around an altered axis of movement of an organ that creates problems - 24,000 breathes a day, 120,000 heartbeats a day, 3,000,000 micro movements of the hard frame. And so it goes.”

Ron's class was absolutely, and masterfully designed to visually show us what precisely is involved with these micro-movements at the level of organ physiology and biochemistry.

What we cannot "see", we cannot "perceive"! Ron's class opened new doors…new horizons. After seeing the visuals, there was increased awareness of what is occurring within the tissues, and what is possible when we "Wake up a little something".

Ron's perseverance of excellence continues to lead us all forward into new dimensions.

Thank you Ron, for your hours and hours of this labor of love so we can all grow together.

Dee Ahern, PT, BI-D

If you are general with your technique, you get a general response, but if you are specific, you can achieve a more global effect, and truly facilitate health. Allowing the tissues to speak to your hand is the key.

The beauty of this class is that it provides practical tools to let you know how the nervous system, and brain are responding to your hands – whether you are truly following the listening!’

Annabel Mackenzie, RMT, BI-D

Ron’s CG1 class was nothing short of fabulous. It was clear from the outset that Ron was dedicated to collecting and collating valuable and pertinent information about physiology, embryology, chemistry and all things essential to changes our precise work can produce. How fortunate we are to have Ron present this to us in one succinct package. A much appreciated supreme effort. Thanks for inspiring me to do more.

Judy Russel, PT

Here is what some of the students think of the ACA Classes

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Ron’s Advanced Clinical Applications class was more advanced on all levels of thoroughly understanding each organ.

Since your program my hands ability to be with the tissues with more clarity and connection is 10 fold.

Your course is so absolutely amazing!

You did a great job....amazing!

Exceptional class with extraordinary organization and execution.

Thank you Ron, for the many years and many thousands of hours of preparation.

Absolute dream team of TAs - abundance of riches!

So very grateful to Ron for sharing this remarkable work...

It felt great to have everything so beautifully organized and supported.

It was great to have so many helpers that went to all of us to guide our hands and understanding.

The class kept me balanced in my thinking and in my hands.

Ron was amazing! All of the amazing TAs added incredible value to this class.

The brain integration piece is so valuable and I am changing how I evaluate and reevaluate.

All the TA's were welcoming, gracious and helpful with feedback about hand placements.

The facilitator, Grace, was great!

Excellent attention to detail when explaining each technique.

Ron is extremely knowledgeable and I appreciate the resources he provided.

I particularly liked the layered palpation, and walking us through the procedures and intense TA supervision.

Ron is so much information and passion to share.

Having Grace's efficient and competent organization is greatly appreciated!

I think this will be similar to when I discovered VM.

The integration of all the treatment steps, and the validation with the pulse oximeter was most valuable.

What an honor!

Compared to other classes this class presented much more detail and more focused practice time.

The slide presentations are excellent, as is the manual.

I really appreciate the time, love and work involved in the creation of this clinical manual.

What I found most valuable was using the vagal nerve information to learn depth and stimulating the vagus nerve.

Specificity and help with hand placement for all the techniques was very valuable.

This experience provided a chance to increase one's confidence in listening, connecting with the brain and the abdominal organs, while monitoring the vagus nerve.

Ron, what a treat and delight. Wonderful new series. I'm all in. Thank you.

I found the guided layered palpations and techniques to be very helpful.

I found the layered palpations to be most valuable.

The desire to teach and have us learn is so evident.

Wow! The physiology and histology of the organs was priceless and much-needed understanding of how/why VM works.