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Immune system/Coronavirus/Visceral Connections (CoV/Viscera)

The cause of current challenge is nothing new.
Yes, it is called the "novel coronavirus" and in many ways it is behaving in unique and unexpected ways. But in reality, it is an old adversary that has been around in some form for ages. Understanding the nature of this virus, and this entire family of viruses, will help us in navigating the future.
Once the dust has settled, and it will settle, manual therapists will be an important part of our patient's recovery process.
However, in this clinical round, before jumping into a discussion on the coronavirus, we need to have an understanding of the immune system.
Over the course of the next few weeks we will dive a bit deeper into the immune system as well as the novel coronavirus.
We will also discuss how the coronavirus affects the various organs in the body. What are the mechanisms by which it harms the viscera? Understanding these mechanisms will give us a better clinical understanding of how we may be of benefit to our patients.