Happy 2021!

Happy New Year!

As manual therapists we have a lot to do this year.

We have learned so much this year about our fragility as well as our strengths. 

"A new year affords a chance
To grace, bless and to assess
The right wrong balance
In an effort to forestall any further stress.

A new year swings into action
An opportunity to recast lives
Into the right direction devoid of malefaction
As the dawn of hope arrives and thrives.

A new year whips sorrow
Into submission and humiliation
So long as society seizes tomorrow
To spread affection, benediction, restoration and cooperation."

John Sensele

In possibly no other year have manual therapist been more important.  

...and, in order to support you throughout this coming year I have set myself to the task...

My goals for this coming year...

VM Study Groups

Complete the VM1 study group in 2022

Complete the VM2 study group in 2022


Clinical Rounds

COVID-19 Update (Covid Long Haul & the Role of Visceral Manipulation)

An Intimate Conversation with Gerald Pollack


The Path Forward (Building a Robust and Resilient Immune System; mind, body and spirit)







Autoimmune Disease & the Manual Therapy Difference

Dementia & Alzheimer's Disease & the Role of Visceral Manipulation


Cardiovascular Disease & the Role of Visceral Manipulation

ACA Classes (virtual)



So, let's get started...

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