5 QUESTIONS you may have regarding COVID-19 & this pandemic!

Everywhere you turn there is so much "INFORMATION" regarding this virus / pandemic! 

"How is it possible to know what is REALLY true?" 
You may have found yourself entertaining this or any of the following questions?  You're not alone!!!
Within these questions you will also find some of the reasons why you WILL want to consider attending this VITALLY IMPORTANT seminar.

Question #1 - Why should I know more about this damn virus than I already do? Knowledge is power - armed with an accurate understanding of this new coronavirus will shield you from the countless conspiracy theories. In August of 2020 Dr. Michael Osterholm, an American epidemiologist, Regents Professor, and Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota said; "We will be dealing with this virus forever. Effective and safe vaccines and hopefully ones with some durability will be very important, even critical tools, in fighting it. But the whole world is going to be experiencing COVID-19 ‘til the end of time."


Question #2 - We have vaccines now, so why do I need to worry about the virus? Knowing the true and unsensational purpose of vaccines will help you to decide the best path forward for you and your family. Again, from Dr. Osterholm; "We’re not going to be vaccinating our way out of this to eight-plus billion people in the world right now. And if we don’t get durable immunity, we’re potentially looking at revaccination on a routine basis, if we can do that. We’ve really got to come to grips with actually living with this virus, for at least my lifetime, and at the same time, it doesn’t mean we can’t do a lot about it."


Question #3 - Aren't we all going to become exposed and possibly infected by this virus anyway?  Why do I need to worry about this anymore? Won't we naturally arrive at herd immunity? Knowing the true implications of "herd immunity" WILL send a shudder down your spine! And if we were, as a planet to actually achieve herd immunity via exposure, after the dust had settled many of your loved ones, and possibly even you, might be counted among the dead. 


Question #4 - I've already been infected by this virus and had no issues so, why should I worry about this virus / pandemic? With each variant we are, essentially dealing with a different virus so, regardless of whether you have been infected by a previous variant...you are not out of the woods. And understanding the truth about "long-haul syndrome" might inspire you to think differently about this. On a daily basis, research is coming out regarding the terrible long-term effects of this virus, even in those who had no or minimal symptoms. Equipped with an accurate and detailed understanding of long-haul syndrome WILL help you in navigating your own health...after infection.


Question #5 - I've been vaccinated, so I'm in the clear. Why should this be of any concern to me? Understanding the nature of this virus and its numerous variants and mutations will provide you with a realistic view of the future. Vaccines are not a magic bullet, nor a magic shield from the virus. They are only one layer of protection. This seminar will empower you with the knowledge to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your patients. 


If you choose only to look at some of the facts regarding this virus and pandemic you may very well be inviting an uncertain future for you and your family.

In this 6 hour seminar (opened to EVERYONE!) we will take an honest and open look at this virus / pandemic. 
GREAT NEWS....If you cannot attend the live event the good news is you will have access to the videos for 5 years.

Throughout my discussions I have strived tirelessly to remain as unbiased as possibly. My goal has been to scour the literature for the most important bits of information that will help us.

I will be presenting the information in a way that helps to shed light not only on what we are dealing with present day but also where this has likely come from, why have we come to this place in time, and what is the best way to navigate forward.

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Understanding COVID-19 and its Effects on the Body
An unbiased, science-based analysis of 
how we have come to this place in time, 
and how we might navigate through it.

Part 1:

  • An overview of the immune system - this is important for us to truly understand how this virus affects the body and how tricky this virus really is. 
  • SARS-CoV-2 Viral transmission - You may be surprised to learn the tricks this virus has up its sleeve.
  • How SARS-CoV-2 gets into the body - It is not as obvious as you might think.
  • Immune Response to the virus & cytokine storm - Understanding how this virus damages the body is essential.

Part 2: 

  • The many faces of COVID - Why do we see so many different ways that people will respond to this virus. And if you have been infected with only a mild infection are you out of woods?
  • Viral pathogenicity and life cycle - SARS-CoV-2 has broken some of the rules we thought we knew. The game has changed. Understanding how the virus does what it does will help us in understanding the future.
  • Herd immunity, vaccines and potential conventional treatments - You will learn heaps about vaccines to help empower you in your choices. 

Part 3: 

  • How SARS-CoV-2 affects the organs; lungs, heart, liver/gallbladder, intestines, kidneys, brain, ovaries and testes - Although there are some common themes this virus wrecks havoc with our internal organs in some unique ways.
  • And what about this Long-Haul syndrome we keep hearing about? - What’s really going on?  
  • What’s the future look like? 
  • Finally, we will end with a guided mediation on “Building Compassion” - I think all of us can agree that we need a more compassionate world….and it starts with each of us.



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