A special offer to help you during these financially tough times.

~ Anti-Inflation Sale ~



These are financially tough times!  

But you are committed to providing your patients with the most up-to-date clinical information that will not only fulfill your passion for learning but set you a part from other manual therapists. 


To lessen this financial burden I am offering an

Anti-Inflation Sale!

For TWO WEEKS ONLY (May 9-23) pay NO REGISTRATION FEE to upgrade from a curious subscriber to either the serious or committed level subscription.  

That's a savings of $349 for a Serious or Committed subscription. 


A savings of $139 for the brand new Focused (VM1) subscription. 

Go to the pricing page to get started.

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  1. Anne Wilde10/06/2023

    Will you be doing this offer again as I would love to take on a committed subscription, but cannot afford the registration fee and the subscription?
    Kind Regards

    Anne 😊

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