A special offer to help you during these COVID times.


~ These are uncertain times and this current coronavirus pandemic has brought everything to a screeching halt. ~
Please read this post in full...I have a special gift for you at the end.


First, I sincerely hope and pray that everyone of you and your family members, all those precious beings connected to you, are safe and healthy.

Like many of you I have had to close my practice. I'm going on my second week and we here in Washington state have been advised that this will likely continue for at least another 2-4 weeks.

Many of you are aware that I have been actively blogging about this issue.

The amount of research conducted since the early 2000's (post-SARS and MERS two of the most infamous coronavirus is in our recent past) is impressive.

While our practices are closed learning as much as we can about the pathophysiology and delatarious effects the coronavirus has on the viscera will better prepare us for when we reopen.

My plan, during this COVID-19 shutdown, is to help you navigate this information and gain a deeper understanding into the role YOU will play after this crisis has subsided. For all those precious patients of yours who have suffered or will suffer from this disease... YOU will play a vital role in their recovery!

Spending a little time now to gain a deeper understanding will payoff in dividends when you open your practice. 

The financial hit we manual therapists are taking is significant and my goal is to help you remain relevant in a post-COVID world!

Unfortunately, this is not the last we will see of this virus. We need to prepare ourselves and our patients for what is likely to come in the fall.

How can your Visceral Manipulation training be leveraged to help your patients in this post-COVID world?

  • VM1 - Tools to help improve the function of the immune and detoxification systems by way of connecting to the vagus nerve through key "VM1" organs such as the stomach, liver, gallbladder, and small intestines.


  • VM2 - Tools to help improve the function of the kidneys in order to assist in the neuroendocrine relationship between the viscera and the immune system.


  • VM3 - Tools to help improve the cavitary pressures and thus optimize the viscera contained in the thoracic and abdominal cavities (key organs affected by COVID-19).


  • VM4 - Tools to help improve cardiopulmonary function, which become critical for those who have suffering from post-COVID-19 complications.

To prepare us for working in a post-COVID world I am releasing a Coronavirus (COVID) mini-series of short video lessons through the month of April with a focus on the immune system and how we as manual therapists can benefit our patients after this crisis is over.

(New) Coronavirus (COVID)/Viscera Mini-Series

Videos 1-2 will be available to all Free/Paid subscribers


  • April 8th - Overview of the IMMUNE SYSTEM part 1 
  • April 11th - Overview of the IMMUNE SYSTEM part 2

For VM study group paid subscribers I will be providing the following additional guidance.
  • April 14th - Overview of CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) 
  • April 17th - How coronaviruses affect the LIVER/GALLBLADDER and the role visceral manipulation will play in recovery.
  • April 20th - How coronaviruses affect the SMALL INTESTINES and the role visceral manipulation will play in recovery.
  • April 19th - How coronaviruses affect the KIDNEYS and the role visceral manipulation will play in recovery.
  • April 22th - How coronaviruses affect the LUNGS and the role visceral manipulation will play in recovery.
  • April 25th - How coronaviruses affect the HEART and the role visceral manipulation will play in recovery.
  • May 8th - For Committed subscribers I will be offering an interactive webinar to discuss the material from the miniseries.

Each video lesson will include a pdf download of the slides. 

To make this COVID-19 information more widely available I am offering a ONCE-IN-A-BLUE-MOON Serious / Committed subscription special!


For new Serious / Committed subscribers:

  • A 20% discount. If you’ve wanted to take advantage of the Serious / Committed level of extensive education material, this is your opportunity. I price my service close to cost so I do not run sales at any time during the year. This is a rare opportunity to get access to the full VM Study Group material at a discount.

For previous paying members who want to sign up during this two-week period:

  • A 25% discount AND your one-time registration fee will be waived (NOTE: This is done via coupon on request…do not register BEFORE getting your coupon from me).

For current paying members:

  • A 30% rebate on your next Serious / Committed subscription auto-renewal within the next 12 months for Serious / Committed subscribers active on 30 Mar 2020...discount expires 30 Mar 2021 (you didn't think I was going to leave you out...did you?😊)

Thank you all for being members of the VM Study Group community…let’s “get studying”!



  1. Donna Caire04/09/2020

    Ron, how do I access the immune system videos of April 8th and the upcoming one available for curious members? Donna Caire

    • Service Admin04/23/2020

      Hi Donna, we hope you are enjoying the videos. If you are having any trouble playing the videos reach out to Ron and we’ll help you to get that sorted.

  2. Site Administrator04/01/2020

    Hi Caroline;

    Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I know this time is very difficult for all of us manual therapists. This is VERY reason for the discounts and these Coronavirus-specific lessons. We will all return to work soon (I hope).

    Look to the left of this box in the side bar and you will see a page titled “Pricing”. Click on this and you will see the cost.

    I hope to see you on the site. I think your gonna love what I’ve prepared for you.

    Very relevant to what we are going through today.


    • Caroline Kaplan04/10/2020

      I signed up but dont seem to see access to corona miniseries. Im so confused

      • Service Admin04/23/2020

        Hi Caroline. It was good to chat with you via support. Together we got it all working, thanks for the patience, and I hope you are enjoying the videos. We’re always here if you have any more issues.

  3. Caroline Kaplan04/01/2020

    Ron, I really want to do it. Im struggling with cash flow right now, so I need to know the exact price. Also with my kids home from school, I dont think I can really commit until they go back. Im happy to sign up, but dont know if I can start studying until things go back to normal. Thanks so much for being you and opening up mind and heart in such a profound way (I know it took awhile). So please let me know the exact price that I can hopefully pay for now and if I can start the study when life starts to go back to normal. Just to let you know, I have been studying anatomy and physiology every night since the new year began as a resolution to appreciate the amazing grace of our minds and bodies. Thank you so much for being such an inspiration

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