Online Study Group Update #3 – New VM1 Material Added!


~ Contents of Online Study Group Update ~

  • Liver articles  
  • Stomach articles
  • Gallbladder articles


~ Liver Articles ~

The first article I have selected for you takes a close look at the amazing regenerative functions of the liver and the key cells and proteins responsible for this "magic". 

The second article is regarding the link and cross-talk between the liver and  thyroid. What role does the thyroid play in fatty liver disease? 

The third article discusses all the benefits of the various aspects of the Mediterranean diet as a treatment of fatty liver disease. 




~ Stomach Articles ~

note: all modules after the liver are reserved for subscribing members. 

The first article discusses the details of proton pump inhibitors and their association with Alzheimer's Disease. 

The second article dives into the deleterious effects of bile refluxing from the duodenum into the stomach, which is a common endoscopic finding that is often dismissed and documented as "idiopathic gastritis".  But what are the short and long-term affects of chronic bile reflux? 

The third article analyzes diet as an essential player in the management of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). 

The fourth article is regarding the common use of proton pump inhibitors in patients long after they have stopped working.  

The fifth article, and my personal favorite in this stomach section, is regarding the role of Ghrelin in the health of the nervous system. Wait till you see all of the amazing functions of this little hormone (learning and memory, reward and motivation, anxiety and depression, and neuroprotection).  And you might be surprised to learn how you might increase your Ghrelin production. 

~ Gallbladder Articles ~

The first article is about the healing effects of curcumin with regards to the gallbladder and lipid levels ultimately acting to counteract the production of gallstones.

The second article is a detailed analysis of the sphincter of Oddi, its anatomy and physiology. 


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    Hi Guys;
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