Advanced Clinical Applications (ACA)

The goal of this series of 5 ACA classes is to provide the practitioner with the following:

This advanced level workshop will enhance participant’s expertise in integrating Barral’s Visceral Manipulation techniques with common gastrointestinal issues seen in the clinical practice. This advanced level class is based on the concepts of visceral manipulation developed by JP Barral integrating a deeper understanding of organ evolution, embryology, anatomy, and physiology.

  • Increased understanding of the anatomical and physiological basis of Barral’s VM techniques.
  • Detailed understanding of organ evolution, embryology, anatomy, and physiology.
  • Deeper understanding of organ/brain connections.
  • Detailed understanding of common presentations of visceral pathology seen in clinical practice.
  • Deeper understanding of organ connections via fascial, vascular, neural, hormonal, and chemical pathways.
  • Provide participants with a pathology-specific protocol based on organ-organ and organ-brain interconnections to optimize patient outcomes.
  • Provide participants with a detailed study guide to serve as a valuable resource guide.
ACA-CG1 Overview
ACA-CG2 Overview
ACA-CG3 Overview
ACA-GU Overview
ACA-TCP Overview